Online Instructor Based Training

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to work from home for the first time. Hence at BIC Solutions training could not wait till the end of social distancing. We have developed comprehensive training courses rightly suited for Online classes.

With global teams working across different time zones, and flexible working on the rise, our classes are already set up for online training and together with screen share and trainee interactions, the sessions are very productive. We explore ways to train people effectively when face-to-face isn’t an option.

Our experienced instructors hosts training sessions via various platforms such as MS Teams, Zoom or Skype.

Instructor-Led Classroom Training

Whether it’s in-person or online, Our training session is very much based on the dynamics of a classroom.

  • Led by an instructor
  • With a presentation—just like a lecture

Although an academic-like classroom experience may not seem thrilling to some trainees, our method has some significant pros.

  • Trainees can ask our instructors, questions that the materials don’t cover in real-time.
  • Instructors can monitor trainees’ progress and engagement.
  • Trainees and instructors build a relationship with each other.
  • Complex topics are sometimes easier to teach in a classroom.

On-the-Job Training

Also known as hands-on training, Our on-the-job training is all about the practical skills that a user requires for real life transactions scenarios. Therefore, the employee learns by going through the experience of executing real activities at work with the assistance of our consultants.

The on-the-job training reduces the time before the employee starts performing their job function on the newly implemented software. It can take different forms, such as: Assistance or guidance, support, and training. And the more prior knowledge the trainee acquired from the classroom trainings, the better it is when the on-the-job training is carried out.

Our hands-on training helps the trainees develop skills they might not otherwise have and a deeper understanding of and commitment to use the software efficiently. This increases retention levels and the trainees’ chances of moving up in their own department or in another. On-the-job training produces results quickly.

Video-Based Training

Speed and efficiency—these are the keywords that propelled video as an employee training vehicle. Additionally, this became popular for our company because it can be way more interesting than traditional training methods. Our Video training is highly engaging and can be entertaining as well!

At BIC Solutions we believe animations raise information recall to impressive levels. Live-action videos are great for demonstrations and quick specific training. Webinars and screen recordings of step-by-step procedures can take a simple list and turn it into an entertaining, story-based how-to for our software.

Our video-based training is easily accessible and repeatable—the trainee can watch the video as many times as they need. Also, it doesn’t require an instructor, hence at their own pace and time.