bic solutions

BIC Solutions was founded in 2008 and started as a one-man company. Such was my passion to innovate and push my skills further. I have so many happy clients, but the path was not an easy one.

It was difficult to get my first few clients in the beginning. A lot of companies were looking for established companies, and as I was a newcomer they were hesistant to work with me. But they soon put trust in me and realised my potentional and knowledge surpassed what they had expected and they became long-term clients.

This helped push my vision forward and start assemble a Team of professionals who believed in the same vision and could join me in persuing the business further. First and foremost we believe in striving for the best and providing not just knowledge, but our hard work and skill. We are always complimented on our Outstanding Customer Support and our abiltiy to offer customisation of Software to suit our csutomer’s needs.

Thanks to many years of hard work and dedication we successfully became a Sage Gold Business Partner. Something which we are very proud of in Mauritius. We also received our Most Growth Award by Sage in 2014.


Most Growth Award by Sage in 2014

Business | Intelligence | Consulting

We have become a long-term success thanks to word of mouth marketing and being highly reccommending by our many happy customers for the outstanding support we offer. This has helped us grow even futher into a fully established and trustworthy company.

Thanks to our many achievements, we have gathered clients from not just Mauritius but other international countries such as: Seychelles, Togo and Madagascar.

Today, as BIC Solutions we have worked long and hard as a One Team, One Vision company which evolves and progresses with current technologies to help provide best solutions to a growing and competitve industry. We are happy that we have support and full recognition from Sage. That in itself is a blessing!

From our humble beginnings to where we stand today. We are proud of our achievements and successes and look forward to further more years of innovation of Business | Intelligence | Consulting.